About Us

Welcome to Audio3K, a company specialized in mastering all kind of music.

Audio3K Mastering is a company that is breaking thru the Audio Mastering market.

In a time where there are so many upcoming and new artist's, Record labels, and music Producers, Audio 3K makes the difference when it comes to polish your Music.

Founded in 2014 this new and promising Audio Engineering company, has been making his own name in the Dance Culture.

Mixing and Mastering countless artist that became their preferred choice when it comes to mastering, arranging, mixing audio.

Doesn't matter the style of Music genre, let us know, and we will pro rate, consult and polish your audio track. Many Underground artist have already been working with us.

We let our work speak for itself. What u waiting for? Send us your tracks .

Our Team

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Guti Legatto

Sound Engineer
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Lucio Spain

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Tato Ruiz

Graphyc Designer

How to Send

Here we explain you step by step how to send your the pre masters so we can work it out correctly.

We need the WAV 44100 Hz / 24 bits we need at least -4 Db to be the highest volume peak. So we need as much headroom we can so we can polish your mixes.

Once payment is received, we will master the track. Upon mastering the track, we will return it as soon as possible, if you are not happy with the Master we will edit it one time out of courtesy. If more edits is requested, we will charge you the half of the full initial price a second time.

We will return the finished product for your approval , as CD Audio format, WAV 44100 Hz/ 16 bits. Other formats like MP3 can be provided upon request.

At Audio 3K Mastering, our principal goal is to provide top quality Mastering Audio with the best price.

Como Enviar

Aquí te explicamos paso por paso cómo enviarnos tus "pre-masters" para que nosotros podamos trabajar correctamente:

El formato debe ser WAV 44100 Hz / 24 bits por lo menos a -4 Db el pico más alto de su mezcla, siendo lo más idóneo -6Db, así garantizamos el rango dinámico necesario para el Máster.

Recuerde siempre no colocar ningún compresor ni limitador en el canal del Máster, necesitamos el track lo menos procesado posible.

Una vez tengamos el track ya masterizado, se lo devolveremos con la mayor brevedad posible. En el caso de que la pista masterizada no fuera de su agrado, modificaremos el Máster una vez sin ningún tipo de coste adicional. Si quiere o necesita mas modificaciones, se cobrara la mitad de dicha tarifa.

El formato en el que se le devolverá su track ya procesado sera el formato universal de CD Audio, WAV 44100 Hz / 16 Bits. Si quiere otro tipo de formato, así como el track también en Mp3, haganoslo saber cuando nos envíe la pista.

En Audio3K Mastering, nuestro principal objetivo es poner al alcance de la mano de todo tipo de público un servicio de masterización profesional, sin que ello suponga un agujero para su bolsillo.



1 to 10 - SONGS:


15 EUR / per SONG


more of 10 - SONGS :


10 EUR / per SONG 

We accept PayPal payments and money transfers.


Contact:   audio3kmastering@gmail.com